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We are DK Capital a technology, real estate services company. We have 80 real estate professionals working in Georgia's 5 regions, they have closed nearly 2700 real estate deals and completed 9 construction projects. With this success, DK Capital is the #1 Real estate services company in Georgia


Mission And Vision 

DK Capital is a technology-driven company that exists for helping people buy, build or sell properties on the best terms. We have the best team, which is not afraid of challenges and mistakes, our team is result-oriented and always delivers its promises 


DK Capital Values  

The DK Capital team is focused on goals and at the same time, we feel free. Our team members decide what and when to do to achieve the set goals 

Our team is full of motivation and enthusiasm, we believe that anyone can achieve everything if they really want to. Everything that happens in our company is based on motivation

The DK Capital team believes that competition is the basis for development and achieving the best results. Our company and its operations are based on competition, cooperation, and equality